Buying THE dress

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In less than 16 months, I will be married. I am so excited, counting the days and months till it will be here.

I love planning and finding the little details that can be used for my unusual theme. Using my creativity, the ideas are flowing to make it the most magical day where I get to marry my annoying but funny, loveable and handsome best friend.

Anyone involved with a wedding or planning one will understand. The excitement you get finding your dress or even the photographer taking the most charming and elegant photos you’ve ever seen. Yet, no one tells you about the nerves will get on the day or even before that – picking out THE dress. Now I have my glorious A-line dress, layered with multiple laces and the low back detail is something I never, EVER, imagined wearing let alone pick one but I love it. The more I think about wearing it, the giddier I become. I get my own princess moment.

However, that excitement wasn’t always there.

I always thought I should have a ‘Moment’ when I picked the dress I was going to wear. To have feelings that overpowered me – the most exciting day I would have next to my wedding day. Yet, I did not have such feelings, there was no excitement nor that ‘I’m in love’ with the dress. Frankly, I have nervousness, tense and irritated feelings. I had already changed and looked at 12 other dresses – mind it wasn’t all in one day but I was fed up. I hate trying on clothes at the best of time, but this was important. I had put a lot of pressure on myself, I wanted to look amazing, in a dress that flattered me.

I wanted to look like a model but I didn’t although, I am aware I should not compare myself to those in a magazine. They are Photoshopped as everyone knows but there was no ‘I look amazing’ moment, I had a bra on which was meant to have properly measured but looked horrendous. There were too many people I did not know looking at me, which made me incredibly uncomfortable and almost deflated. I was not in the right frame of mind and my anxiety was THROUGH the roof. I hated the day and well, there was always the amount I spent on it, granted my dress wasn’t thousands and was an ‘off the peg’ dress, I could not get over the fact I spent so much on a dress I am only ever going to wear for one day.

It was a once in a lifetime shopping trip but was the emotions and money worth it for the day?

As time goes on and I look back at the photos where I tried it on originally, I believe it was, well not the emotion but the money was. As I mentioned before I have become giddy in the excitement of the day and getting to FINALLY wear my beautiful dress and I will enjoy it! I will get to be a princess, no, I get to look like a fairytale queen for a day. I will have to calm my nerves in everyone looking at me, but I will look as magnificent as a queen. I will finally get to marry my best friend and all the little details won’t matter, people judge no matter what, so, therefore, I will not care as I will be happy and a wife!